OGRIN is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that is supported through grants and contributions. Founded in 2012, OGRIN strives to address head on critical problems that organic growers face as well as illuminate production, processing, and marketing opportunities that can increase profitability and sustainability throughout the organic community.

A donation helps to support
• Farmer participatory research on a variety of topics, including
--small grain and pseudocereal (e.g., quinoa and buckwheat) production
--small- and intermediate-scale grain production and processing equipment
--cover crop innovation
--cultural practices to control weeds
• The OGRIN seed buying club, which helps Northeast growers source seed and reduce shipping costs
• Development of fact sheets, case studies, and reports that summarize current knowledge and best practices and up-to-date guides to seed and equipment resources
• Educational events for growers, processors, bakers, chefs, micro entrepreneurs, and consumers
• Consultation on production, processing, and marketing issues that is free from affiliation with commercial product lines or for-profit institutions

Contributions of any size ($3, $10—$50) are welcome—and are tax deductible. If you value OGRIN’s work and can make a contribution, many, many thanks!