River Valley Community Grains

OGRIN is pleased to be working with River Valley Community Grains, a new project focused on bringing  local grain production and processing to the Musconetcong  River Valley area in northwestern New Jersey.

The River Valley Community Grains project is an initiative that has emerged out of the Musconetcong River Valley Restoration Project, whose vision is to restore the great water basin between the Delaware and Hudson Rivers.
The purpose of the grains initiative is to foster the restoration of our bioregion with ecologically-sound farming practices, specifically through a collaborative model of chemical-free grain production. We envision the creation of a community-based cooperative that supports the local development of nourishing grains for humans and animals. We seek to build upon the work that has long been carried out by so many dedicated individuals and organizations as we move towards a vital local food system.
The first endeavor of River Valley Community Grains is a pilot project whose purpose is to demonstrate that local flour, produced collaboratively with a shared purpose, can be an economically viable option for the farmer, miller, and baker while creating delicious, nourishing bread for our community.
River Valley Community Grains seeks to work with local, traditional, stone mills. Our hope is that the existing stone mill infrastructure in our region can be restored along with the soils, waters, and health of our communities. Stone mills can play a critical role in the revitalization of nourishing food for our local communities.

For more information, contact

Mike Hozer

Len Bussanich

Larry Mahmarian

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