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Grain seed sources for fall planting

Last updated 8/8/16. 

Please note that although this document is  frequently updated to attempt to reflect current seed availability, seed stocks  ebb and flow--and can dry up quickly!   A good rule of thumb is to start sourcing needed seed at least two months before its optimal planting date.  

Below are sources of  modern and heirloom small grains, ancient wheats, and pseudocereals.  If you 'd like to add another source to this list or don't see the type/variety of seed you are interested in, please contact OGRIN at edyck@ogrin.org.  Please also note that OGRIN facilitates spring and fall "buying clubs,"  which allow  growers in NY, PA, NJ, and surrounding states to band together to  reduce shipping costs for seed.  If you'd like to participate in the next buying club, contact OGRIN with the specific type or variety of seed you are interested in. 

Modern Winter Wheat

  •    Warthog, a high-yielding, high-quality hard red winter wheat for organic growers.  Contact OGRIN.
  •    Redeemer, a higher protein, hard red winter wheat. Contact  Bramhill Seeds, Palmerston, Ontario (http://www.bramhillseeds.com).   Please also note that the OGRIN buying club will likely be  placing an order for this seed for Fall 2016 planting --contact OGRIN if you are interested.

Heritage Wheat Varieties

  • Organic Red Fife:  Contact OGRIN  
  • French Heritage Varieties: Contact OGRIN

Winter Einkorn 

Henry Beiler, Watsontown, PA, has two varieties available: Eclipse, a tall, earlier maturing variety with larger kernel size, and Milky Way, a high-yielding, medium maturity variety . He sells both small quantities and larger lots. Contact him at 570 538 5949.

Winter Emmer
"Chocolate" variety has been increased by farmer Kit Kelley. Contact OGRIN.

Cereal rye
Danko is a food-grade rye popular for flour and distilling purposes. Contact OGRIN.


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